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Alifesoft Refund Policy Declaration

For Alifesoft, your question and suggestion are highly valued. We tend to provide first-class products and superior service for you. Any request and feedback from you will be taken carefully. So does your request on refund.

At, All products are sold as "try-before-you-buy" software, so all sales at the Website are final. This means, by using the "try-before-you-buy" version, you can make sure they are compatible with your computer systems and satisfy all of your requirements before purchasing the full versions. Therefore, once the registration details and download instructions are issued, they cannot be cancelled. Exceptions to the refund policy are handled on a case-by-case basis and only granted when emergency circumstances exist.

So before you request for refund, please carefully read the following details on refund policy.

What is your Refund Policy?

1.We do not accept refund request for the following circumstances:

  1. Request without particular reason or because you changed your mind after placing an order.
  2. Request on a free item offered during a period of time.
  3. Refund for having mistakenly purchased the wrong product.
  4. Refund for technical issues, but never provided any assistance to our support team with any detailed description of the problem.
  5. Refund for part of a bundle.
  6. Request on returning the payment for the CD. When the CD is involved in a request, the price for the CD would not be refunded.
  7. Refund for failing to receive the registration code for the product while without trying to contact us for "Registration KeyCode Retrieval".

2. We provide refund for the following Circumstances:

  • Duplicate orders happened by accident.
  • Double-charged due to system problem of the third party payment platform.
  • Having purchased a wrong product, and then purchased the right product from Alifesoft within 30 days. We can refund you for the wrong product. But if the two products are irrelevant, we do not approve the refund.
  • Fatal technical problems like reproducible Bug/error, which we cannot solve the problem or provide a temporary solution within a month.
  • Never having received the registration code of the product. And you even failed to retrieve the code or got no response from us after reporting this to us.

Note: We generally refund or exchange products for the above acceptable circumstances, but purchase above one month won't grant refund (This one month does not include the time of solving the software's unusable problem). If only the purchase occurred within 30 days, the great-cooperation is received, and the problem of the program is really confirmed by both sides, we will refund the purchase price, but you have to undertake the procedure fee. So we urge you to test it out before you buy it and hope you will want to join our thousands of satisfied users!


3. To request a refund, please Contact us at with the following information:

1. Your name.
2. The email address for the order.
3. The order number.
4. The product you want to request.
5. The reason for the refund.


4. Once your refund is issued, please:

1. Uninstall the software and remove it from your computer.
2. Destroy the disc and uninstall the software from your computer if you purchased a CD version of the product.

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