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Keycode Registration FAQs

1.How can I get the registration information after I purchase it?

The registration information will be delivered automatically to your email soon after your order is processed successfully. If you are in urgent need of the product, payment via credit card is recommended.


2. How long it will take to get the keycode?

Generally, the confirmation email with a link for receipt and a link for key code will be automatically sent to you a few minutes by our system after your order has been successfully processed. Please make sure your MTA permits the email from the domains of or RegNow. Please contact us if you fail to receive a keycode email within 24 hours.


3. After entering the registration code, I was told that the code was invalid. What's wrong?

As to this issue, please make sure that whether you have kept to the following points::

  • There is no space in the beginning or the end of the code. Otherwise, it will be recognized as an invalid code.
  • The current version you’ve installed is a retail version that has been re-downloaded from the download link according to the registration information email we offered to you.
  • If you still have trouble in registration, please submit a ticket with your Order No. and registered email address.


4. Is there any difference between Registered and Unregistered version of your software?

Actually, there is no functional difference between registered and unregistered versions of Alifesoft products. But if you use an unregistered Alifesoft product, you will find all output files watermarked with some a ‘Alifesoft Software’ logo.


5. Can I use the same registration code on different computers?

All software products of Alifesoft are single-licensed. That is, one registration code is unique for only one computer. If you buy a single license, you can only use the registration code on one computer. To use the same registration code on another computer, you should firstly uninstall the program from the old computer.

Registration Keycode Retrieval

We should have sent the registration information to your e-mail address after your order is successful. If you haven't received or lost your registration keycode after purchasing, please contact us or send an email to with the following infomation for option:

Email e-mail address which you used to place your order


Order number in the confirmation e-mail.

We will give you the feedback within 24 hours respect user privacy and guarantee that the information you provide on this form will be used only to respond to your enquiry. Please read our Privacy Policy.

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