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How to convert FLV to MP4 & MOV with iPad video converter?

Major video websites currently use FLV video format, which makes the iPad video converter become a good assistant to dealing with such video formats. With iPad video converter for Mac you can convert FLV to other formats that acceptable for Mac devices, such as MOV and MP4, which become popular in video applications due to the various features and high coding efficiency.

IPad Video Converter for Mac not only makes your iPad a powerful container for your favored movies and music, but also converts many popular formats to Mac device friendly formats.

The following tutorial will tell you how to convert FLV to MP4 & MOV with iPad video converter. Please follow me step by step to finish the procedure with simple mouth clicks. Before we start, please download and install iPad video converter for Mac first.

ipad video converter for Mac

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When you run it, you can see the whole panel of the Mac iPad video converter. With simple design and robust functions, it’s very easy to manipulate.

Step 1. Click the drop down list of Profile to choose the right format that you want, such as MOV or MP4, and the click Save As icon to save it.

iPad Video Converter for Mac

Step 2. Add files you need. You can add whatever files you need, such as downloaded or self-made video, movies, high-definition [HD] videos, the magic iPad video converter will help you to convert all these to MOV and mp4 formats.

You have two ways to add your files:1. Add video folders at one time, and Mac iPad video converter will help you to deal with it. 2. Add files one by one if you have just several files to deal with.

Useful tips. Click the PLAY icon to preview the video you’ve loaded. You can adjust the voice and snapshot some interesting pictures in the scene. The pictures can be saved in picture folders.

SStep 3. This step is optional. Click the drop-down list of the Profile basic Settings in the right side panel, and you can set the details for the output video, such as Video Codec, Audio Codec, Picture Codec .etc.

iPad Video Converter for Mac

Step 4. Click Convert icon to start converting. When you wait, you can preview your loaded videos in the preview window. It has perfect quality to play your beloved videos. You will be reminded when it finish the conversion. Just put the output files to your devices, and you can enjoy your videos freely now.

Best ipad video converter for Mac will surprise you with extra features of capturing images from videos in batches, extracting segments, specifying output file size exactly and much more. The simple Mac video to iPad converter for Mac will tell you how helpful it is! Why not download and try it by yourself now?

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