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iPod Video Converter for Mac

How to convert mp4, avi, mpg .etc. to iPod, iPhone, apple TV?

As is known to all, iPod family has increased much happiness to our life. We listen to music, watch TV shows and interesting films wherever we go and anytime we want. However, it will become frustrated that when the files are not in the compatible format.

Not all the iPod video Nano, iPod touch, iPod classic and iPod shuffle, iPhone, apple TV etc. are compatible with the popular formats like AVI, MPEG, MOV, MP4, VOB, AAC, AC3, MP3.etc. In this case, we need a video converter to convert them to iPod-compatible formats.

IPod video converter for Mac is a professional and easy to use tool designed to convert video and audio files to iPod. We can convert them with iPod video converter for Mac to MPEG-4 and H.264 that are completely acceptable by iPod, iPhone, apple TV. You’ll own all kinds of video and audio files that suit for your iPod and enjoy your iPod life anywhere and anytime.

Convert mp4 to ipod? Convert avi to iPod? mov to iPod? Vob to apple TV? No problem! Then how to convert mp4, avi, mpg .etc. to iPod? Please follow me and finish the converting procedure step by step.

Step 1, please download Mac iPod video converter and install it.

mp4, avi, mpg to iPod, iPhone, app TV- download Mac iPod video converter

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Step 2, add files that you need to convert. Click Add File button to add files in mp4, avi, mpg .etc. formats which are not supported by your iPod. The iPod video converter for Mac can convert all of your files at one time which will save much time for you.

Step 3, click the triangle before “Setting” to select the format suitable for your iPod, iPhone, apple TV etc.

mp4, avi, mpg to iPod, iPhone, app TV- download Mac iPod video converter

Step 4, you can click Trim and Edit to make your videos more ideal, of course it’s optional. You can crop out unwanted part in the frame, and trim the video to get a specific length. If you need to add some effects to the video like Gray, Old film, Emboss or view the video in horizontal or vertical way, effect setting will satisfy all your need.

Step 5, choose the destination road for your outputted files. And click Convert and begin converting.

After all these procedures finished, you can put your files into your iPod and share your favorite music or videos with your friends. Why not download the iPod video converter for Mac and try it by yourself?

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