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How to convert PDF to HTML on Mac?

PDFis the business world's choice for digital documents. It's easy to post PDFs online for users to download. Unfortunately, using PDFs is not as easy as browsing to a Web page, as anyone who has ever downloaded a product manual will verify. You typically need a program that can open and read PDFs, such as Adobe's Acrobat Reader or a third-party application. Even when you've got the PDF open, it's not always easy to read or to navigate through multiple documents.

HTML, short for Hyper Text Markup Language, refers to a predominant markup language or programming for the web pages. This kind of language enables users to embed objects and images and create interactive forms. It consists of "tags" which are surrounded by the angle brackets within the content of the web page. It provides a means to create the structured documents.

Therefore, nowadays more and more Web sites are giving you the option to view online manuals and documentation as Web pages instead of as PDFs. That's why a PDF to HTML converter comes in. Our 5-in-1 PDF Converter for Mac is a practical tool allows you to import PDF to HTML web pages with a few clicks. Here follows the tips on how to convert PDF to HTML on Mac.

After downloading and installing Smart PDF Converter for Mac, you can convert PDF to HTML with a few clicks.

Step 1: Import PDF files

Click "Add Files" to load PDF files you wish to convert, you can find some general information of your PDF files after adding them in the conversion list. Click “HTML” tab among the options.

Convert PDF to HTML on Mac_best Mac PDF converter download

Step 2. Customize (optional)

1)Ignore or not ignore?

Click 'Options' button, you can choose whether to ignore images in the output Html Web pages. Default option is retain value without formatting.

Convert PDF to HTML on Mac_best Mac PDF converter download

2) Specify pages

Click on the 'Selected Pages' column beside the 'Total Pages' column, you are able to customize pages and page ranges to convert. Also you can customize the output folder for your converted Html Web Pages.

PDF Converter for Mac

3) Customize background color

you can choose whatever background color you like.

Convert PDF to HTML on Mac_best Mac PDF converter download

Step 3: Convert PDF files

Just click "Convert" button to convert PDF for a while, you will get the HTML Web Pages as you want.

The conversion is really simple and easy, just a few clicks. You can download this smart PDF converter free and try now.

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