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How to convert PDF to iPad 2 with 3 simple steps?

PDF??? To iPad 2??? Yes!!!

IPad 2, the lighter, faster and thinner beauty, has been known to all before it appeared in the market. A Plenty of merits have completely beat iPad 1. It makes you satisfied with surfing, watching, gaming and everything. You can say that it’s a symbol step towards portable Wi-Fi world.

Unfortunately, as it goes, gold can’t be pure. The iPad 2 still doesn’t support to view PDF files directly. Thus, people who use iPad 2 and want to read on the iPad 2 will meet a same problem, which is iPad 2 cannot read PDF iPad. You may be annoyed and feel confused about how to transfer PDF to iPad 2, right?

We are lucky that every problem has its answer. Mac software designer has already designed professional tools for us to convert PDF. Smart PDF converter and PDF to EPUB Converter both are good choice.

You can convert PDF to word, HTML, EPUB and Text with PDF Converter for Mac. However, PDF to EPUB Converter for Mac is a professional converter for converting PDF to EPUB. It is an easy-to-use converter, and it is specially designed to convert pdf to EPUB format for Mac users and transfer EPUB eBooks to iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, etc. for fantastic reading.

PDF to EPUB for Mac is specially designed for Mac eBook enthusiasts to convert PDF to EPUB, and read it in your devices such as iPad, iPhone 4, iPod Touch, etc. With PDF to EPUB converter for Mac, users can finish the conversion with just 3 simple steps: Import - Customize – Convert, and can easily add or remove PDF files in and out of the panel, or change the conversion order for the imported PDF files by dragging and dropping.

Before we start the whole procedure, please download PDF to EPUB converter first.

PDF EPUB Converter for Mac

Step 1, click Add files icon, you can add batches of files, and then click Open. The PDF to EPUB converter will deal with these files for you at one time, which will save a lot of time for you.

PDF EPUB Converter for Mac

Step 2. Choose which page you’d like to convert. This step is optional. The converter default setting is converting all pages. But if you click Selected Pages icon, you can choose which pages you want to convert. If the Total Pages of your file has only one page, your setting pages 1, 2, 5, 8 will be in vain, just like the second file in the following picture.

PDF EPUB Converter for Mac

Step 3, click Options icon, you will get a pop up window, you can set the content, including Text and images, you would like to convert. And you can also choose the icon of each page as image to EPUB. Click OK to save your setting.

PDF to EPUB for Mac can retain the original text, layout, images, and hyperlinks in the output EPUB eBooks. You can enjoy the original fantastic experience on your iPad/iPod/iPhone.

PDF EPUB Converter for Mac

Step 4, choose the output folder path for your output files. Click Convert icon at last. The converting procedure has a fast speed, so you will get your EPUB files in just several seconds!

PDF EPUB Converter for Mac

Simply speaking, this Mac PDF to EPUB Converter will simplify and solve all the problems about reading or viewing. Just convert PDF to iPad with PDF to EPUB converter and enjoy the great reading experience on it.

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