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How to transfer videos, music and photos from iPod/iPhone /iPad to Mac?

SyncPod is now a one-stop shop for managing media files between a Mac and an iOS device, able to transfer content between Macs and iOS devices. SyncPod for Mac makes it easy to transfer songs, movies, TV shows, playlist, photos etc. between Mac/iTunes and iOS devices. Moreover, it features support for directly copying DVD movies and virtually any format video and audio to Apple devices.

With best SyncPod for Mac at hand, it becomes very convenience to transfer music to Mac, to copy songs from Mac or Mac device, to transfer music from Mac to Mac, and its function of transferring photos from Mac to Mac also adds more pleasure to your digital life.

The following tutorial will tell you how to transfer music from Mac to Mac with simplest means. Please follow me step by step. Before we start the whole procedure, please download and install SyncPod for Mac first.

transfer videos, music and photos from iPod/iPhone/iPad

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When you run it, you can see the whole panel of SyncPod for Mac. The design is so clear that you can almost know all of the functions it has.

Step 1. Open SyncPod and Connect device

Connect your iPod/iPad/Phone to the Mac and open SyncPod. SyncPod automatically detects the model of your device and present you connected dialog, shown below.

transfer videos, music and photos from iPod/iPhone/iPad

Step 2, Find media files you want to copy

Your iPod contents and iTunes library will appear in two side by side windows, ready to play. Check "hide duplicate contents on both sides" on the left corner of the interface, so that you can easily find the missing contents and transfer to iTunes quickly.

transfer videos, music and photos from iPod/iPhone/iPad

Step 3, Drag contents from device to iTunes/Mac

You can now drag music (individual or albums, playlists, artists, genres), movies, TV shows, photos, e-book, and audio books in "iPod window" on the left over to "iTunes Window" or somewhere on your Mac-just click the Folder tab.

SyncPod allows users to transfer iPod contents to another iTunes library/Mac that it's not synced with. For DRM protected items, you need to authorize the computer first. Then the files will be able to play on Mac or on devices.

The simple SyncPod for mac will tell you how helpful it is! Why not download and try it by yourself now?

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