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How to convert PDF to EPUB on Mac with PDF to Epub Converter

Author:Admin   Date:2011-01-18

As an eBook lover, you probably have stored great amount of PDF eBooks on your computer. But unfortunately you can't transfer a PDF eBook to Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod directly with iTunes. As the free iBooks app on iPhone/iPad/iPod supports only ePub format (one of the popular standard ebook formats supported by most of portable devices and ebook reader, so you need to convert PDF to ePub for reading on iPhone/iPad/iPod. While the PDF to EPUB Converter for Mac is specially designed to convert pdf to epub format for Mac users.

Easy PDF to ePub Conversion

1.Add a file by clicking "Add Files" or just dragging the file into the panel

2.Edit the conversion options according to your demand

The PDF to EPUB Converter for Mac support two options for Mac users to customize the output EPUB eBooks:
"Text and images to epub" mode: under this mode, the converted EPUB ebook will preserve the original format and style, just converting original text to text in target EPUB file, converting original image to image in target EPUB file
"Each page as image to epub" mode: with this mode, this PDF to EPUB Converter regards each page of PDF as an image, and just photocopy each PDF page as an image, therefore, the looking of the converted EPUB ebook is the same as the original PDF file, but every page of the EPUB ebook is just an image.
The default mode: Keep original text, images, hyperlinks, etc.

3. Click "evaluate" for free try Mac PDF to epub


4. Click convert, quickly you will get epub format ebook for your iPad, iPhone, iPod or other portable devices.

Custom PDF to epub Conversion

Apart from the function of quick and easy converting PDF to EPUB, the smart Mac PDF to EPUB converter also has some powerful editing options provided for optimal view or specific demand. For example, you can convert PDF files to EPUB in batch, specify certain page(s) of PDF document to be converted, etc.

1. Batch conversion
Add several PDF files to the panel, Press and hold "shift" key, click all the files you have added.
Then you can simultaneously convert several PDF documents to EPUB ebooks.


2. Selected conversion modes
a) selet "All" to convert all PDF files to epub ebooks,

b) click "pages" and input the page you want to convert, commas between pages. Then you can choose a certain page(s) to be converted

4. Various preservation options
- Keep original text, images, hyperlinks, etc.-the default mode
- Choose whether to preserve hyperlinks, image or not.
- Support saving original pages as images in output EPUB ebooks.

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