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Skype 5 Brings Group Video Calls and Address Book to the Mac

Author:admin   Date:2011-01-30

The final version of Skype 5 came out, though the features are no news for us as there are no great different from the Skype 5.0 beta. Anyway we can enjoy a pretty good experience with the final version. As is unveiled from the Skype 5.0 beta, the final version of Skype adds numerous features like group video calling and Address Book integration, while fixing the beta's annoyances.

Among all the added features in the new version, Group video calling should be a premium feature for this upgrade. It runs at $4.99 for a day pass or $8.99 per month for a subscription. There's so much you can do together over group video. Have regular catch-ups with loved ones and work together via video conference to cut down on travel. They've also brought back full screen in a video call, which was oddly missing from the previous version, and it's nice to have it back. The rest of the program is quite an improvement over the older version or the beta one. It got a more compact, though still doesn't get as compact as we'd like, but it's much better than the beta.

skype 5.0 for Mac w/ group video call

Address Book is integrated in the latest Skype 5.0, along with easier contact search and call controls. The contacts monitor is a great way to keep track of your closest friends, or your team at work, and now it has been made much easier to find – it’s in the Window menu. And your Mac Address Book contacts are automatically integrated.

skype 5.0 for Mac

Now all the action is in one main window, plus manages calls from a mini control bar. It is Easier than ever to use! And Skype 5 is a free download for Mac OS X. Why not have a try?

Free download Skype 5 for Mac OS X Now!

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