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A Simple Way to convert PDF to HTML on Mac OS X

Author:admin   Date:2011-10-26

While the PDF file format is a great tool for sharing documents for its features of retaining their formatting and assuring that documents aren't changed (contracts, for instance) when transferring, sometimes you need to use the content from a PDF. You may need to copy a paragraph, a page or more to create a HTML webpage, and you may want to share with your friends online but which is not convenient. Though you can select the content in a PDF and edit it in a HTML editor, chances are that this text will be seriously mugged. You'll often see odd breaks, or no breaks at all, and styles will be lost. There are ways, however, that you can convert a PDF to formatted HTML.

You can convert PDF to HTML online with the free online conversion service. But this method has many disadvantages. It has high requirement for networking speed or bandwidth, and the files you can convert is limited in size. The most important thing is that we have no control for the file security. So a PDF to HTML Software would be a better choice for you, either the dedicated-made Mac PDF to HTML converter or the all-in-one Mac PDF converter. Compared to a dedicated PDF to HTML converter for Mac that can only convert PDF to HTML on Mac, PDF converter for Mac is more powerful and economic as it not only can convert PDF to HDML, but also support PDF to word, PDF to EPUB, PDF to excel,  PDF to PowerPoint, PDF to text conversion on Mac OS. You may be afraid its price would be high. In fact the prices for them are with no big difference. So why not choose the powerful 6-in-1 Mac PDF converter. Of course, if you have to convert scanned PDF to HTML, the PDF converter pro for Mac will be better for you. But in most situations, PDF converter for Mac is highly recommended. Here we'd take the Mac PDF converter to give a step-by-step guide on how to convert PDF to HTML on Mac OS.

To begin with, download PDF converter for Mac for free trial. After installing it, there will be a interface pop up as below:

convert pdf to html mac

1. Import PDF files
It's very simple. Just drag and drop PDF files to the panel. Of course, you can Add PDF tiles from the File menu.

2. Customize output files
You can convert all pages or dedicated pages to HTML format by setting the. Click the icon pdf to html software to customize the output page range and then choosing the “HTML' format to convert PDF to HTML.
pdf to html converter mac

3 Convert PDF files
Click the Convert button to start the conversion. There will be a process bar indicating the current process during conversion.In a few seconds, everything will be done

pdf to html converter free

It's also very easy that only drag and drop is needed. You can free try PDF to HTML converter and evaluate it.

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