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How to Convert and Edit Scanned PDF Files

Author:admin   Date:2011-10-15

Most of us like to scan paper-based document into digital file like PDF with the scanner. This will save you lots of time to retyping and formatting. Of course it is a great idea to lower the cost of the storage, and the PDF is also easier to distribute but uneditable. With these features, PDF format is very popular with business or personal use. However, as the saying goes”every advantage has its disadvantage“, so does the PDF. Since scanned PDF no longer allows users to edit or search for content since it is an image, not editable document. If you really need to edit or search the content in the scanned PDF, how do you make it? Years ago there is no solution for this case. Fortunately, with the technology developing, there are solutions now. To convert and edit scanned PDF files is no longer a problem for you if you have the newly released PDF converter pro at hand.

Best solution for Converting Scanned PDF to Editable Document for searching and editing
To search, reuse, modify or edit the content in the scanned PDF file, we first need to convert the scanned PDF to text-based editable document like word, TEXT, EPUB, Excel, HTML, PPT formats. To achieve these, an OCR tool or software is needed. OCR, short for Optical Character Recognition, is a technology developed to translate graphical text into editable text. With OCR, It helps you change the uneditable scanning pages of printed documents to editable files, saving you time to retyping and reformatting which is very time consuming. Compared to Mac OS, it's easier to find an OCR tool or OCR software for windows. OCR reader for Mac is very limited. Fortunately there is the newly-released professional PDF converter Pro for Mac. By adding the powerful OCR function, PDF Converter Pro for Mac not only covers the features of the normal PDF converter for Mac, but also can convert scanned PDF to text-based Word, Excel, PowerPoint, EPUB, HTML, and Text formats while preserving all the elements of original PDF files, such as text, hyperlinks, images, layouts, tables, columns, and graphics. So if you would like to edit or search the content of a scanned PDF, the PDF converter pro for Mac is a good choice. With several drags and drops, it's easy for you to make it, as easy as 3 steps: import- customize- convert. Here is the step by step guide for you to follow.

Free Download PDF converter pro for Mac to convert scanned PDF to text-based document for late searching and editing. After install and run the program, this is the interface:

mac pdf converter

1. Import Scanned PDF to Mac PDF Converter Pro
Drag and drop the scanned PDF files to the interface, or add the PDF files from the File menu.

best pdf converter mac

2 Customize the Output settings
Batch conversion: Mac PDF converter Pro gives Mac users the ability to convert up to 50 PDF files at a time, highly improve the efficiency when Mac users need to convert multiple PDF files to different formats.
Partial conversion: Mac PDF converter Pro allows Mac users to flexibly convert selected pages or page ranges from large PDF files; save a lot of time when Mac users just want to extract some special pages from a large PDF file.
pdf converter for mac

3. Convert

Just click the “convert” button; everything will be done in a few seconds. Then you can edit the file as you like. You should have found it is very simple. No special computer skill is needed, Just a few clicks.

mac pdf converter pro

Then give your try now. Start your travel here by free download Mac PDF converter Pro first. Enjoy it!

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