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The Smallest Free YouTube Video Downloader for Mac Released

Author:admin   Date:2011-10-31

You definitely have known a number of YouTube video downloader software for Mac OS. Then you might already have found they are all alike expert for slight differences. Almost all YouTube video downloader tools for Mac are designed for Mac users to free download videos from Some of them would be of elegant style, but this will result in big in size and may make your downloading slower. But in fact, no matter how beautiful they are in design, the basic function for the free video downloader for Mac would be free downloading videos from YouTube site. To make the software looks nice, the developers tend to make the app bigger in size. And you may already have been getting upset with the big size and slow working. Where to find a small size YouTube video downloader tool that works fast. Fortunately there is one for you.

Alexpartner iVideo Downloader for Mac 
is the one you're looking for. It is with all the basic functions you need, but is mini in size, with only 100KB in .zip format. It should be the smallest YouTube video downloader for Mac in the world. You can get it free and download it fast from the official site ( owing to its mini size.

iVideo Downloader for Mac is a free YouTube video downloader software specially designed for Mac users which features mini in size, high quality, user-friendly interface, super-easy-to-use, fast speed. Just copy the URL of the YouTube videos you want to download to the address filed. The iVideo downloader for Mac will download it for you automatically. It also offers you the options to create videos name and to save your favorite videos in the right folder you want. With this free youtube video download tool, you can quickly download YouTube videos, including SD and HD videos, to your Mac. Now you can download any cool, funny YouTube videos, movie trailers, music videos to your Mac in a few seconds.

However, the only shortcoming is that it needs you to copy and paste the URL to the address field and it does not support batch downloading now, which will be a manual work if you want download lots of videos. However, compared to the slow downloading for other YouTube video downloader software, this is not a big barrier to you. And it will be updated soon with its batch downloading and video converting software integrated.

Anyway, you can have your cake and eat it now that is to have both mini-size and fast-downloading at the same time, which is a great enjoying. So get the video downloader and give a try.

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