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How to Choose the Right and Best Video Editing Software for Mac

Author:admin   Date:2011-10-20

Many people are looking of a best video editing software for Mac since they have tons of videos and want to turn it into gorgeous movies for enjoying or for better presentation or for preservation.

There is some free video editing software for Mac, like Apple iMovie, Blender, Avidemux, ZS4 Video Editor for Mac, etc. However, free video editing software don't cost you any money, they are sometimes very limited in both functions and user experience. So many people turn to commercial video editing software. But what's the right and best Mac video editing software for you? The answer depends on what your needs. Anyway, there are definitely some tips for you to choose your right and best video editing software for Mac. Here are some points to look at and compare what's the best video editing software for you:

1. Free trial available
First of all, make sure a free trial of the software is provided for you to verify whether it is the one you want since the description on the website are very limited. Evaluate the Mac video editing software and determine whether it deserves to buy. So this is the most important element for you.

2. Ease of Use
No matter what level of video editing you wish to do, the process generally requires you to make multiple decisions, and to choose multiple commands. These should be easy to find, easy to read, easy to use. One or two clicks should make an edit. Don't be satisfied if a Mac video editor takes several clicks and menus to do one basic task. Bear in mind what we need is an easy video editing software.

3. Check the supported input and output video formats
It's better to choose video/movie editing software for Mac that supports a lot of video formats and enables you to convert videos for different devices and websites for convenient enjoying or sharing late. Before you purchase the software, think of the possible video formats you may want to edit and make the right choice. Today, a good video editing software will work with several sources, like AVCHD/ DV/miniDV camcorders, and multiple output devices like iPod, iphone, iPad, Apple TV, PSP, Creative Zen, iRiver, etc. Just make sure it matches your needs.

4. Software stability
This is a crucial factor for choosing the right and best video editing software. Nobody likes the video editor to crash during the process of video editing. No matter how powerful the video editing software is, it is no use if not stable. When you have a free trial, test it as many times as you can to make sure the Mac video editor has high stability for you to edit your videos.

5. Video effects
Video effects like adjusting brightness, contrast and saturation, splitting, emerging, video transitions, special video effects, etc. are very important when choosing Mac video editing software. They are important because they can help you make your movie more attractive and memorable. It also makes your video editing easier and enjoyable.

6. Tech Support & Budget
Somebody says technical support should be considered, in my mind, it's no need to worry about it. Almost all software provider offers free technical support as it is very important for them, much more important than that is to you. As for budget, it maybe an element should be taken in. Fortunately, there is some economic but good video editing software for you, and you can purchase it with coupons and deals which will save you big money.

Last but not least, the video editing tool should be Easy to share, to let you share your edited videos in multiple ways such as upload to YouTube, transfer to your iPhone, iPad, PSP, iPod, Wii, Zune, and other portable media devices. This function is very important since most of us will share the videos after editing. It will save us much time.

Nowadays, there is a plethora of Mac video editing software. But video editor for Mac is one of the most effective video editing software picked by our editors. As a video cutter/trimmer/splitter/joiner, Video Editor for Mac has so many brilliant editing features to edit and create videos in a large variety of file formats including HD videos with ease. Besides, Mac video editor can be severed as a video converter for Mac which can convert among popular video formats. The built-in various video effects, transition and special effects make your videos outstanding at once. We have tested many video editing software, some tools either too simple in function or to not friendly in use, so we believe the picked Mac video editor should be the right one for you. Why not give a try for it?

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