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Top 4 PDF to iPad EPUB Converter

Author:admin   Date:2011-10-17

iPad features its large beautiful screen and most people take the iPad as an good e-book reader. However, iPad's iBooks e-reading app only supports the ePub format. So if you have some ebooks already in PDF format and want to convert the PDF files to ePub for iPad, how do you make it? Here are a number of simple methods to convert PDF to ePub for reading in iBook.

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1.Stanza Desktop - free PDF to iPad converter
Stanza is a free PDF to iPad converter which allows you to convert from various of formats like MS LIT, Mobipocket, Kindle, RTF, PDF, MS Word, and many more into ePub, and to assist in transferring your books to Stanza iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch. Stanza Desktop is currently in beta for Windows and Macintosh. Download Stanza Desktop for Mac.
Stanza Desktop currently supports reading books in a variety of unprotected formats (including HTML, plain text, Mobipocket), but note that books in protected formats (such as Kindle books, books protected with Adobe DRM, and protected Mobipocket books) cannot currently be read using Stanza Desktop.
Tips: Stanza Desktop does not currently contain any library management features or the ability to download books directly from the internet. For library management and conversion-related features, you may be interested in looking at the free Calibre project below.

2. Calibre – Good Library Management
Calibre is a best free pdf to iPad converter for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux that allows you to convert to ePub from a huge number of formats. So with this tool, you could easily convert your ebooks from PDF format to ePub format and transfer the eBooks to iPad. Calibre currently does a better job than Stanza Desktop at managing e-book collection, preserving styles and formatting of source documents. And Calibre is more powerful that Stanza Desktop. Download Calibre for Mac OS.

3. PDF to EPUB converter – Convert Encrypted PDF to EPUB
PDF to Epub for Mac is easy-to-use PDF to iPad Converter that can convert PDF to EPUB format in 3 steps. PDF to EPUB Converter for Mac can retain the original text, layouts, images, and hyperlinks in the output EPUB eBooks and support partial and batch conversion. The nice thing about this software is that it can handle encrypted PDF files, headers and footers which are often challenging when converting PDFs.  Download PDF to EPUB for Mac

4. PDF converter Pro for Mac – Scanned PDF to iPad EPUB Converter
PDF Converter Pro for Mac covers all the features of a normal Mac PDF Converter to convert PDF to EPUB and many other popular formats with high accuracy and efficiency. What's more powerful is, PDF Converter Pro supports scanned PDF to EPUB conversion by adding OCR function. By the way, it supports up to 200 PDF files at one time. Download PDF Converter Pro for Mac

With the 4 popular PDF to iPad EPUB converters, you can convert any PDF to EPUB with easy. Enjoy them.

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