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What You Can Expect for the Release of iPhone 5

Author:admin   Date:2011-04-11

You may eagerly to know the specific release date of the iPhone 5 and what the features it will entail. However, though rumors are being noised abroad, there still no official news confirmed the release date or the features. Anyway we can give a sneak peek at what we can expect from iPhone 5.

About the Release Date of iPhone 5
Rumors on iPhone 5 are not like that of iPhone 4 and iPad 2 spreading all over the networking. And the iPhone 5 release date is more of a mystery for the public. It is all of a sudden not written in stone like previously expected. Some says it would be at July this year, and then recently there came the rumors that iPhone 5 release date would be scheduled at the end of June 2011. However, reports from tech blogs such as Endgadget, All Things Digital and Electronista confirmed that iPhone 5 would not come at the end of this June 2011 but have to wait beyond June 2011 that we can get our hands on the iPhone 5.

iphone 5 release date

Features the iPhone 5 WILL have
Although there is no official information about any specific features it’ll entail, yet there is definitely a lot of speculation around it. According to Engadget, the iphone 5 will have a very different design from what are used for the previous iPhones. It will feature a new A5 CPU and a Qualcomm chipset.
Below are the key features which the iPhone 5 will have. If you are as eagerly as me for the release of iPhone 5, then following features could be major reason to wait for stunning iPhone 5.

Take a look at iPhone 5 Features that you can expect:

  • Storage Capacity: Apple is offering 16 GB and 32GB iPhone since 2009, so apple is aware this it would be hard push iPhone 5 without having 64 GB of storage. iPhone 5’s lowest model will come with 32G of space and 64G of memory.
  • Signal Strength: Unlike iPhone 4, iPhone 5 is not having signal issue, as they are offering the strongest signal strength of any iPhone model ever even the best of any Smartphone to ever come to market.
  • Face Recognition: The new iPhone 5 will have Face Recognition for Security sake so that you don’t have to worry about other people stealing your phone and trying to use it.
  • Thickness: All three iPhone had thinner bodies than the previous model so the iPhone 5 can be the thinnest yet & much nicer overall body design of the phone.
  • Longer Battery Life: iPhone 5 will have Up to 14 Hours of Talk Time On The 3G and 7 Hours on the 4G.
  • Video Chat: Video Chat on a 4G network instead of a slow 3G one
  • Screen: Shatter Resistant and Scratch Resistant Screen
  • Built In GPS: You’ll never get lost or have to download one of those stupid GPS apps.
  • Surprise: As the tradition of apple iPhone 5 will also unveil some surprise features.

Now though the iphone 5 release date is not specified, yet you can expect that the apple iPhone 5 will be the sparkle in the future. Be ready to get your feet wet in the stunning iPhone 5.

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