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FlipShare Software – an Easy and Free Way to Manage and Share Your Flip Video

Author:admin   Date:2011-07-12

People tend to buy a flip video camera for its cute design and HD video function. Apart from that, Flip video camera features a powerful FlipShare, a feature-packed, easy-to-use application which comes preloaded with all Flip video cameras.  It makes managing and sharing your videos a lot easier. The FlipShare software installation automatically begins when you connect your Flip video camera to a USB port on your computer for the first time.  
By default, FlipShare is configured to launch automatically each time you connect your Flip video camera to a USB port on your computer.  However, if you have disabled the auto-launch function, you will have to manually start the application by double-clicking on the FlipShare icon.

The main FlipShare screen has four basic sections:
The Navigation Pane
The Workspace
The Action Bar
The Progress Box

video creator mac 

1. The Navigation Pane
This section is located at the left of the main FlipShare screen.  It allows you to manage and navigate through folders, as well as access additional online services.  In this area, you also have the option of creating and deleting folders.
 video editor mac

2. The Workspace Area
This is the largest section the main FlipShare screen.  Essentially, this is where you can preview and playback videos. You can also define the way in which your videos are sorted and displayed, such as show by name, Length, Creation date, Favorite date, and you can also define Show format options.

3. The Action Bar
 vide editing software mac
This section is located at the bottom area of the main FlipShare screen.  The Action Bar consists of icons which allow you to access the main features and options in FlipShare which include:
Save - This feature allows you to save your videos and snapshots from your computer directly to your video camera or vice-versa.
Fullscreen - Choose from the different playback options in viewing your videos.
Email - Share your videos to your family and friends using email.
To Group - Send your videos to your contacts through Group Sharing.
Greeting Card - Personalize your videos by transforming them into video greeting cards. Choose from a wide selection of templates and make your video extra special.
Online - Share your videos to various websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and more. But it will cost you time if share in Flip video format. A better way is to convert the Flip video to FLV for easy sharing.
Movie - Create a movie with your Flip videos using FlipShare.
Snapshot - Produce still images from your recorded videos.

4. The Progress Box
You will find this section at the bottom left corner of the main FlipShare screen, directly below the Navigation Pane.  This is where FlipShare notifies you of the progress of each task currently being performed.  Each completed task is marked with the time and date in which it is completed.

For a detailed explanation of features available in FlipShare, refer to the documentation section of your software by clicking mac video editor located at the top right corner of the main FlipShare screen or go to the FlipShare official site.
You can Free download the latest Mac FlipShare and enjoy the lasted features of FlipShare.  .

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