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How to convert DVD to MP4 on Mac?

Author:Maggie   Date:2011-07-28

DVD was adopted by movie and home entertainment distributors. DVD was chosen for its superior ability to reproduce moving pictures and sound, for its superior durability, and for its interactivity.

However, nowadays, increasingly younger customers are watching on the little screen, on the mobile device and on the laptop, rather than the relatively big-screen TV. After all, it is not so convenient to watch DVDs on these portable devices. Sometimes, we have to give up the favorite DVD movies we like because our iPhone, iPod and iPad cannot play them.

Don’t worry about that. DVD to MP4 converter for Mac comes to help. As best Mac software, DVD to MP4 converter for Mac is a professional tool to convert DVD to MP4 on Mac. With this magic converter, you can easily rip movies from both home DVDs and commercial DVDs. And you can easily convert DVD to mpeg 4, h.264 and other video and audio formats. At the same time, you can edit DVD movies, for example, to trim, crop, rotate and join videos, and transfer your favorite DVD movies to many portable device like iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, PSP, Creative Zen, Apple TV, 3G phone, Gphone. Palm, iRiver etc.

As a music lover, you can also extract DVD audio and save it as mp3, aac, flac, amr, wma, amr, wav, aiff, mka, m4a etc. If you like the pictures in the movie, you can take some snapshot in the preview window.

Do you know how to convert DVD to mp4 with this best Mac DVD to mp4 converter? The tutorial tells you step by step. Before we start, please download DVD to MP4 converter for Mac and install it on your computer.

Step 1. Load DVD files. Insert your DVD disc and then click Load DVD icon, you can choose the files you want to convert. Click Open to start loading.

mac dvd to mp4 converter

Step 2. This step is optional. Customize your own movie files.

dvd to mp4 converter for mac

Click Chapter/Title, Select all and Deselect all to choose which chapter you’d like to convert. You can also select the whole disc to convert. Here I choose the first three chapters which I like best.

Click the Trim icon and Edit icon, you can edit DVD movie and customize your favorite movie.

Step 3. Click the triangle before Settings icon, you can choose what formats you need, so that it will be accepted well by your digital device.

how to convert dvd to mp4 on mac

You can choose common video, and any formats that suit for your iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, PSP, BlackBerry etc. Here, we will choose one of Common Video formats, MPEG-4 AVC (mp4) formats.

If you convert several chapters at one time, you can choose Merge into one file choice, and convert them into one file.

Step 4, click Open to choose the output destination for your output movies. Click the Convert icon to start conversion. When it's finished, you’ll get an alert to remind you. You can get the output video and then transfer it to your device.

free dvd to mp4

You can enjoy your favorite video movies and share them with your friends now. Come on, just download best DVD to MP4 converter for Mac and make your own movies now.

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