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iPhone 5 Mockups Look Just that Right

Author:admin   Date:2011-07-08

We already have given many reports on how iPhone 5 will look like. And iPhone fans and readers have many inspirations on it and have created many new concept of iPhone 4S/5. Here goes one from designed by creator Schasiepen Guilherme Martins - who attends college of Design - is now back with a new proposal for the iPhone 4S / 5. These unique mockups look just right.

iPhone 5 pictures

Following recent rumors that claim, he kept the basic design very similar to the iPhone 4, but bet on a 4 inch screen closer to the edges, device even thinner than the current (about 7mm only) and a new location for the antennas.
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The cameras would also be enhanced in this new generation - an 8 megapixel in the back and a FaceTime HD in front. In the case of the white version of the iPhone, he believes that Apple may make your sensor "invisible" as the black model.
It looks just that iPhone 5 will look like. Really cool design. Thanks for Guilherme Schasiepen, we’re in love with his concept of iPhone 5. It couldn't be more fantastic.
So, what do you think? :-)

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