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Back to School Mac App Deals: Make Your Digital Life More Colorful

Author:admin    Date:2011-08-31

Ah, back to school time--a time when every student's cheerful life begins, so does the "back to school sale". For our freshmen, it's a time to start the fantastic digital life with a new laptop like MacBook, or new tablet PC like iPad, a smart Phone like iPhone, and media player like iPod. If you are users of Myspace, you can enjoy Apple's special offer for up to 10% discount, or enjoy more discounts from other Back to School deals. Just typing "back to school deals" or "back to school sale" in Google, you'll find your good luck. Then if you have get your new iMac, iPad 2, iPhone 4 or iPod touch 4, there are many best Mac apps for you to make them more powerful and easier to use.

iPad 2
Once you pick up iPad 2, it'll be hard to put down. It's really a stunner. Coming with all-new art design, a twice fast Dual-core A5 chip and 9X fast graphics, it makes surfing the web, checking email, watching movies, enjoying HD video games and reading books so natural, you might forget there's incredible technology under your fingers. But as we all know, iPad only support H.264 video and MPEG-4 video, so if you want enjoy any HD movies or DVD movies, you need convert it to iPad support files before watching it. You have many options, iPad video converter for Mac, DVD to iPad for Mac, best Mac video converter, and the 2 in 1 movie converter for Mac which combines the iPad video converter and DVD to iPad into one. If you have a try for the iPad Magic, you'll be stuned by it's brilliant performance and power. Just as many electronic stores, the Alifesoft Mac Apps store also gives special offer for the popular Mac software, up to 40% discounts can be expected.

iPhone 4
Have you got the iPhone 4? iPhone 4 is the more powerful, easier to use, and more indispensable smartphone than ever. It's worth your purchase. The white one is more beautiful in my eyes, how do you think? iPhone 5 would be fantastic. But rumors say the iPhone 5 preorder would start in Sept and launch in Oct. Then it's still a period of time before you can test the water. So a white or black iPhone 4 would be the best choice. Then to arm your new iPhone with unique iPhone ringtone and cool iPhone wallpaper would be a must. Though downloading iPhone ringtones from internet or iTunes are good methods, they may cost you much more since every ringtone charges for US$0.99-$1.29 in Apple store or more in some website. There may be free ringtones, but it's hard to find the one you like. If you want several ringtones, they will cost you either money or time. So it's better to use iPhone ringtone maker to create your own ringtone and customize unique ringtone for your family, friends, and your beloved one. You can make as many ringtones as you can.

iPod Touch
iPod touch is the perfect combination of stunning design and revolutionary technology — brilliant from the outside in. Holding one is all the proof you need. There are so many advanced features in iPod touch for fun: sharing good times with friends over FaceTime, shooting scenes in HD, or playing games on the highest-resolution iPod screen ever. In fact, iPod touch has so much technology that you'll forget it's an iPod. iPod Touch show its advantage in entertainment, however, it has limitation to video formats supporting and file management. So to enjoy DVD movies and any HD videos like iPhone or iPad, you need an iPod video converter for Mac. In fact, to get iPod Magic, you'll get everything neat and tidy. iPod Magic combines iPod converter, DVD to iPod for Mac, iPod manager, iPod transfer, iPone ringtone maker and more into one. It's more powerful and magic than that you can imagine. Try it is what you need.

Have got the tips on how to arm your iOS devices? Now you can have a look at our back to school deals on the top Mac apps, saving more for your digital life. There are also some tips and tricks for you to make your devices easier to use.

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