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Step by Step Guide to Convert PDF Documents to JPEG and PNG

Author:Maggie   Date:2011-08-29

Many friends meet a troubling problem, which is how to convert PDF to images in JPEG and PNG formats, so that they can share these PDF documents with more friends and transfer them to Internet.

Now I share with you a perfect idea about how to manage PDF files during your work and in your life. Actually, you just need a smart tool, PDF converter for Mac, or PDF to image converter for Mac. These two converters are very famous among PDF users, especially among office worker. These two converters have creative design, and user friendly interface, they are very easy to control. Many office people think of them as best assistants in their work.

PDF converter for Mac and PDF to image converter for Mac convert PDF to image efficiently, and the image has original layouts, in JPEG and PNG formats. When you convert PDF document to image, you customize the whole documents, and choose what pages you want to convert. PDF converters support batch conversion and partial conversion.

Let's see how to convert PDF to JPEG and PNG formats. Before we start, please download and install PDF converter for Mac. Just follow me step by step to finish the whole procedure.

Step 1.Import PDF files
Click "Add Files" to load PDF files you want to convert, you can find some general information of your PDF files after adding them in the conversion list. You can also click Remove and Clear icon to remove and clear the original PDF files according to your own need.

best PDF converter for Mac

You can choose to convert PDF to TEXT, IMAGES, HTML and EPUB with this magical Mac PDF converter. It is a multi-function PDF converter. And if you often deal with PDF files and convert PDF to image, you can choose a professional PDF to image converter for Mac.

Step 2: Customize
The smart Mac PDF converter and Mac PDF to image Converter enable batch conversion and partial conversion. Here you can customize your files according to your own need and choose what pages you'd like to convert.

PDF to Image Converter for Mac

And click Opinions icon, you can choose what image formats you need, such as bmp, jpg, png, tiff, and click OK at last to save your setting. Here we choose JPG or PNG.

best Mac software

Step 3: Convert
Click the small icon before Open icon, and choose an output road for your image files. At last, just click "Convert" button to start PDF conversion. In a few seconds the PDF conversion will finish with no quality lost. You can check the output files when you Click Open icon.

Free download PDF converter for Mac and convert PDF to image now! You can also transfer all these image files to internet and share them with your friends.

Besides converting PDF to image with this professional PDF to image converter, you can also convert PDF to text , PDF to HTML, PDF to flash , PDF to word etc, and magical PDF converter for Mac will solve all the PDF problems for you.

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