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Many people are looking of a best video editing software for Mac since they have tons of videos and want to turn it into gorgeous movies for enjoying or for better presentation or for preservation.There is some free video editing software for Mac, like Apple iMovie, Blender, Avidemux, ZS4 Video Edit...

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YouTube is the biggest video sharing site on the planet. Thanks to YouTube, no matter you’re a professional video editor, or amateurs like me, chances are there for sharing videos on YouTube. In fact, most videos uploaded to YouTube are made by amateurs like you and I, usually with modest ...

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The latest Video Editor for Mac has released for free try. Have you make the most use of it? As is described, the Mac video editor allows you to edit and share standard or HD videos or movies with a few simple drag-and-drops. Apart from them, you can also extract the audio from your favorite videos ...

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How to Convert MOV files to FLV on Mac

admin    2011-03-21

You might have some interesting MOV videos or MOV footage from your camera on your Mac. Dont you want to share them with your family, friends or even people around the world? Sending MOV files to each person is quite troublesome and, whats more, time-consuming! So if you can convert the MOV videos t...

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Nowadays there are many top video editing software programs available for download, either free or paid, but to find a best free video editing software for Mac seems a little hard. Some programs we often find do not have what it is described, or not as good as it is said. Fortunately, there is reall...

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Nowadays, there are millions of films and videos available on the internet for sharing. However, you may find some files can’t be played quickly and smoothly on your Mac or iPhone, iPod or iPad, or you just get bad playing performance for incompatible problems. Then we go to the internet t...

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