A Peek at iPad 2 – Apple to unveil new iPad in January

Author:Vera   Date:Dec. 01, 2010

Rumors about the iPad 2 have been flying across the Internet. Anyway, we love Apple rumors. The new iPad is said to have a new screen (smaller), new touch technology (a faster processor, more RAM, etc.), and a slimmer and lighter design, and reported to release at January, 2011. Then what you will expect for the new iPad? Give a sneak on the new iPad from the rumors now.

New Face: to be slimmer and lighter

As for the first version iPad, the debate is on its weight, the number one thing Apple needs to fix on. You would have found that it’s hard to hold the iPad in one hand for more than ten minutes without put it down (to get a little relief) or to turn it to another hand. If iPad has been a labor for us, does it really worth using? It is like a hot potato for us since being lighter and slimmer means small in size. The three major sources of iPad weight are the battery (148g), the LCD (153g), and the front glass (193g), which is 500 grams out of a total of 680grams. Then which part we would like to reduce in size, screen, battery or others? Smaller screen, which size is the perfect? Do the rumored 7 inch iPad we really expect? Anyway, if the size is smaller than 7 inch, it would be inconvenient for us to surf online? But battery equals power consumption; would you like to sacrifice it? Well, it’s hard for us to make a choice, so do Apple and Jobs. However, it is sure the new iPad will be slimmer and lighter.

With Camera: one or two?

It is claiming that the iPad 2 will be armed with a front facing camera like the iPhone 4 since FaceTime’s support is given. But whether there will be twin cameras - "front and rear facing camera" are not sure now.

Retina Display: to be or not to be?

One of the big discussions is over the retina display. Most fans consider the gorgeous screen from the iPhone 4 will make its way to the iPad. At least the Apple Blog thinks so. But not all people indulge in this rumor as you can find a different voice on Smoking Apples who consider retina display will be not gonna happen at least in 2011 in term of technology and usability.

It’s hard to tell which the best choice is for Apple now. Since such a screen would massively increase the demands on both the iPad's processor and its battery, while we are expecting a lighter iPad. Well, it’s the decision for Apple and Jobs to make! Then this may be the big surprise for us to expect.

USB Port: No!

Rumors suggest that the iPad 2 will have a USB port. We would say “No!” There is no reason why Apple should fix a US port on an expected slim body that will take more space than a mini displayport, and a USB port gains no advantage over the later one in data transmission and HD resolution support. Nor micro USB is needed. As Apple is moving increasingly to wireless, which are what people expect.

Other rumors: no surprise!

Rumors on processor, size, prices, releasing date, etc. would be no surprise for us. A new iPad with slimmer body (smaller in size and lighter in weight), faster processor, more memory, wireless transmission, and more applications would be the iPad 2 we are expecting. That is the way to go. Yeah that’s going to happen.


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