Mac App Store: to be late in coming

Author:Vera   Date:Dec. 08, 2010

Rumors on Mac App Store’s Launch date are noised abroad and it’s reported the Mac App Store would open on December 13, ahead of the holiday shopping season. However, according to Mac Rumors, Apple will launch the store in the New Year. Though the reports pegged the launch as early as December 13th, Mac Rumors considered that the later January launch would make more sense as Apple still needs to ready the final version of Mac OS X 10.6.6 to coincide with the Mac App Store launch. And a January launch would still coincide with Apple's original plans to launch within 90 days of their October announcement. In this sense, it’s a better choice for Apple to launch her Mac App Store in the new year - better for perfect preparation, better for their fans to enjoy a good service. Anyway, it’s just several days before December 13th, would it’s available for Apple to publish its Mac App Store? Would Apple and Jobs make a snap decision, which might throw the customers’ (also their own) benefits away?


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Then let’s come to the point why Apple is to launch its Mac App Store. We could see Apple is making their great efforts to bring an even greater unity between its flagship iTunes, Mac OS and iPhone products . By vertically integrating the application software, the operating system and the distribution mechanism, Apple promises "the easiest installation ever." As we know that the new MacBook Air would not include a CD/DVD drive (the traditional device for software installation), it indicates Apple thinks downloads can sate most people's software needs. Now this Apple's online applications downloading service, essentially an app store for full computers, would greatly meet their fans’ demands by providing Mac users an easy way to find and download Mac apps as it is to add your favorite magazine to iPad or a new game to iPod touch . And it’s said the broadband internet will reach 4.0 megabits per second (Mbps). At that download speed, a user could download iTunes in about two and a half minutes, and download the 4.7 GB of data on a standard DVD in about two-and-a-half hours. That would be a fantastic experience for Apple users. However, the exact prices and software available through the Mac App store still remain a mystery so far. To this point, the reported launch date for Dec. 13th would be still a rumor for us as Apple and Jobs have much to finish before this time.


Well, this Christmas as holiday gift giving season is really a great opportunity for profit-making that Apple and Jobs don’t want to miss. You will see Apple running to go ahead of the Christmas Holiday if possible. However, some people would consider software not an ideal gift for Christmas since they used to take gift from the Christmas tree but it’s impossible for a digital download under the tree. Then that should be a pretty good bet for Apple now. Anyway, we will be keeping an eye on whatever happenings with the Mac App store.


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updated news please visit Apple Mac App Store: to launch on January 6